Beltone Imagine Rechargeable Hearing Devices

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Introducing Beltone Imagine™, our newest line of rechargeable hearing instruments that are created to be tailored just for you. The Beltone Imagine™ has an all-new design, comes in 8 new colors and offers brand new features including the M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear) creating incredibly natural sound. 
Beltone Imagine™ allows you to hear the sounds around you as nature intended. Using Ultra-Focus Program, your hearing instruments can zero in on the sounds right in front of you, ensuring that you have the best speech clarity possible.

Direct audio streaming for all your iOS and android devices– Like your calls, music and more! No more changing batteries, the Beltone Imagine™ is fully rechargeable!
Your Beltone Imagine™ hearing instruments can be adjusted wherever you are using Beltone Remote Care, no office visits required.