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townsville hearing aid device

At Coast To Country Hearing Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering the latest in hearing device technology to improve the quality of your lifestyle. With specialised hearing clinics in Townsville, Kirwan, Bushland Beach, Condon, and Magnetic Island, along with our Charters Towers, Ingham, Cardwell, Bowen, and Airlie Beach clinics, we provide extensive and professional services throughout North Queensland. Our clinics offer hearing devices with superior sound and speech quality, noise reduction and outstanding user comfort.

Which hearing device will fit your needs best?

Depending on your individual hearing needs, your lifestyle, and budget, there are different performance categories that we can offer to you.  With advanced performance categories, we provide more options and adjustable settings to cater to challenging listening situations. When you visit our Townsville hearing clinic one of our specialised staff will guide you through all the options to find the hearing solution you are most  comfortable with.

While some prefer to show off their new hearing devices, others prefer that it doesn’t attract too much attention. Whatever your important listening moments are, we make sure you capture them with your hearing device. Some hearing devices will offer features that are great for sports, others may be better for concerts and some hearing devices can almost do it all. We help you choose the hearing devices to give you the best possible support in your favourite moments.

Receiver In The Ear
RITE Hearing Devices

Receiver In the Ear RITE Hearing Aid Device Townsville Clinic

RITE solutions combine the best of both BTEs and ITEs — power and discretion. RITEs devices are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss.

In The Ear 
ITE Hearing Devices

In The Ear Hearing Aid Device Townsville Clinic

ITE hearing devices that fit in the canal provide optimum comfort and performance. ITEs are adapted for mild to severe hearing loss.

Behind The Ear
BTE Hearing Services

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid Device Townsville

Seated comfortably behind the ear, BTE hearing aids house an incredible amount of power. Used by people with mild to profound hearing loss.

Bernafon Hearing Aid Devices Townsville Supplier

Bernafon products offer state-of-the-art hearing technology in a full array of styles, colors and options. They can be easily operated with optional remote controls and linked to other devices via Bluetooth® technology. Available with rechargeable batteries.

Signia Hearing Aid Devices Townsville Supplier

Signia's superior quality hearing devices offer discretion, style, and modernity. Leaders in processing your the individual acoustic environment they also take your lifestyle into account, so you enjoy the most personalised hearing available. Available with rechargeable batteries.

Behind the ear Hearing Aid Device Retailer Repair Townsville Supplier

Our skilled technicians can service and repair all makes and models of hearing devices. From replacing batteries and fixing problems such as corrosion, moisture and wax build-up, our trained staff can help you to maintain your hearing device at peak performance.

Protective Hearing Devices

Protective Ear Plugs Work Swim Music Hearing Devices Townsville

We can tailor superior ear protection for swimmers, musicians and the workplace with Earmold's unique custom comfort, fitting and hearing protection.

Hearing Device Batteries

Hearing Aid Device Batteries Rechargeable Battery Townsville

We can fit and supply batteries for most major hearing devices and remote controls at all of our clinics.

Television Transmitters

Television Transmitter Tv Adapter Hearing Device Townsville

Television adapters stream sound from your TV directly into the hearing device. Fast and easy to set up, they are compatible with most tv's on the market. Contact us today to find out if your hearing devices have a TV transmitter available.