Sentinel - Noise Braker - Safety and Industrial Ear Plugs - Protects Hearing from Damage

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We offer two safety plugs types which can meet your needs based on if you need the ability to communicate and how much noise you need to attenuate: Bernafon's Sentinel and Noise Braker. These plugs offer maximum protection in noisy environments and for safety in industrial settings. 

We also stock a variety of other ear plugs and protective hearing devices from the Bernafon range. Feel free to visit our Townsville clinic or contact us to find more about how we can best meet your individuals needs.


This is a solid shell style plug with up to NRR* 26dB (CSA Class A & AL) when made in the standard New-Sil. This has the most attenuation we offer in a noise plug. Sentinel is a good choice when attenuation is the most important requirement and the ability to communicate is not as important.

Noise Braker

This is a vented, shell style plug with a small filter inside the vent. With good attenuation and moderate clarity, this plug delivers up to an NRR*  of 20dB (CSA Class B) when made in the standard New-Sil. The Noise Braker is a good choice when attenuation is needed along with the ability to still hear some of the low frequencies.


Sentinel and Noise Braker plugs are available with several options upon request which include: style (shell, ½ shell or canal), handles, strings, metal ball bearings (for detection purposes), clips, swirls and sparkles. Note: a style change from shell may affect the attenuation.

Please contact us if you wish to customise your product.

Care Instructions

Sentinel and Noise Braker plugs are easily cleaned by using mild soap and warm water, then allowed to air dry.


*NRR: Noise Reduction Rating

NRR Ratings: Please note that Noise Reduction Ratings are based on maximum attenuation values. Earmold fit and improper insertion will reduce these values. To determine exact ear specific attenuation levels, real ear measurements are recommended.