Bernafon TV-A Television Wireless - Hearing Device Accessory

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TV Adapter - TVA3
By Bernafon

This adapter streams the sound from your TV directly into the hearing device. Fast and easy to set up, it can pair with Bernafon hearing devices.

The TV-A adapter makes it possible for wireless Bernafon hearing device users to enjoy their favourite television shows and movies at a comfortable level without disturbing anyone nearby.

The TV-A adapter transmits sound from a TV directly to wireless Bernafon hearing devices. Once connected, sounds can be streamed in one easy press from a Bernafon RC-A Remote Control, smartphone app, or hearing device push button. The TV Adapter further enriches your television listening experience by effectively separating dialogue from background noise, helping you understand every word that's being said at a comfortable volume.

We have qualified service technicians that can visit your home and assist you with installation and instruction on how to get the most benefit from your new television transmitter. Please contact us to find out more.

The TV-A is compatible with Viron, Leox and Zerena models.

EasyControl-A Mobile Phone App

The TV-A is compatible with Bernafon's EasyControl-A mobile app. For more information see this video


Instructions for use

Video: How to pair and unpair hearing devices with the TV A