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The Benefits Of Digital Hearing Aids - Coast To Country Hearing Solutions

The Benefits Of Digital Hearing Aids


The Benefits of Digital Hearing Technology

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Hearing loss, no matter how you look at it, is a significant impairment. The most serious disadvantage of hearing loss is that it is irreversible. That is, once hair cells in the inner ear have become redundant, they cannot be reactivated. Fortunately, with technological advancements, hearing devices can vastly increase your ability to hear normally.

Today's digital hearing aids include built-in microphones that relay sound to a computer-controlled chip, which adjusts the volume and concentrates on the frequencies needed to help you hear better. Additionally, the software in these digital hearing aids may be modified to totally eliminate background noises. Some higher-end models can even be remotely connected through Bluetooth to mobile phones, allowing you to answer phone calls through the hearing aid.

Here, you will get to know more about the benefits of Digital Hearing Technology and how it can make your life better.

Selective Sound Amplification

Although it is not difficult to create a hearing aid that works effectively when listening to a single speaker in a quiet environment, the presence of background noise significantly affects things. Background noises may be extremely distracting and make accurately distinguishing the voice you wish to listen to from those other noises difficult or even impossible. This difficulty is not solved by amplifying all noises equally. Digital hearing aids can selectively enhance sounds, allowing them to filter out background noise while amplifying the sounds you wish to hear.

Reduces the Feedback

The high-pitched whining sound created by hearing aids is known as feedback. This happens when the hearing aid detects and amplifies its own output, resulting in an increasingly loud sound that drowns out other noises. One of the most frustrating issues with conventional hearing aids has been the presence of feedback.

Feedback is no longer such a big issue with digital hearing aids. When the hearing aid identifies its own output, it filters it out selectively and does not magnify it. This helps to reduce the dreadful high-pitched sound from forming.

Automatic Volume Adjustments

Throughout the day, the total amount of volume in your surroundings might shift considerably. For example, a person may leave a peaceful home or car and walk down a bustling street. The volume level of the hearing aids must be adjusted in response to the changing soundscape. This had to be done manually with prior models of hearing aids. Digital hearing aids can detect the total level of noise and adjust automatically, eliminating the need for the wearer to change volume controls when they move from one area to another.

Improved Sound Technology

Anyone who has listened to music on vinyl records or cassette tapes will understand that the sound quality on these analog modalities differs from that of a digital format. Digital audio is significantly sharper and clearer. Similarly, the sound generated by a digital hearing aid is often crisper and clearer than that produced by an older analog hearing aid.

Directional Microphones

Directed microphones are used in many digital hearing aids. These try to pick up sound from a single direction rather than taking up sound from all directions equally. This helps you listen to a single sound that you want to hear in the middle of a sea of noise that you need to shut out. The digital processing of the sound increases the efficiency of this function, making digital hearing aids good in assisting users in distinguishing a voice over background noise.

Bluetooth compatibility

Bluetooth compatibility is a wireless capability that allows hearing aids to connect to mobile phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, usually via an intermediate device. Because the signal skips the microphone and reaches the hearing aid's processor directly, Bluetooth technology has the capacity to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and remove feedback from the microphone. Interference is also less common with a Bluetooth connection than with an FM system.




Today's digital hearing aids are perfect for those who have an active career and social life and want the finest performance from their hearing aids. They are undoubtedly exciting, and the prospects for the future are limitless. At Coast To Country Hearing Solutions we only fit our clients with digital technology designed to improve their hearing, comfort and most importantly their complete quality of life. If you’d like to know more please see one of our clinicians or give us a call on 4723 6610

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