Protective Hearing Devices - Safety, Music, Swimming, Industrial Earplugs

Protective hearing devices can help prevent hearing damage from a variety of sources, whilst still allowing users to hear sounds that are important to them, at a safe volume level.

We offer a variety of ear plugs and protective hearing devices from the Bernafon range. Feel free to visit our Townsville clinic or contact us to find more about how we can best meet your individuals needs.

Safety plugs can provide maximum protection in a noisy industrial environment. Music plugs allow musicians and listeners to hear music and speech clearly and accurately, but at a safe volume. Swimming plugs protect the ears from issues in the water, such as ear infection. 

Safety / Industrial
Ear Plugs

Many industrial and work environments involve prolonged exposure to loud machinery and tools. Work-related hearing loss from hazardous noise levels is a preventable but irreversible condition that affects many Australian workers. Our custom-mould plugs can help to prevent long term hearing damage.

We offer two plug types, depending on your needs: Sentinel and Noise Braker by Bernafon.

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Music / Musician
Ear Plugs

We offer custom earplugs for people who listen to music and for professionals who make music. Our plugs reduce volume while at the same time preserving the richness and subtleties of music and speech.

Professional musicians, who are often exposed to high levels of sound for extended periods of time during practice and performances, can also benefit from Musician plugs.

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Swim and Floatable
Ear Plugs

Swimming earplugs are used to prevent water-induced ear infections, called Swimmer’s Ear. Our plugs are custom moulded to provide a watertight seal around the ear canal. 

We also offer floatable earplugs that float, so they are easy to find if dropped in the pool.

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