Tinnitus Therapy Treatment Programs

Tinnitus Treatment Therapy Townsville Clinic

Tinnitus and hearing loss often go hand-in-hand, however new sound therapy approaches have been proven to provide relief for tinnitus patients, especially when combined with established therapy approaches. While tinnitus has varied causes, it can be grouped into tonal and non-tonal tinnitus. Tonal tinnitus is more common and describes the perception of a near-continuous sound or overlapping sounds with a well-defined frequency such as whistling, ringing and  buzzing. Non-tonal forms of tinnitus include humming, clicking, crackling and rumbling.

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We offer several tinnitus therapy approaches  

Static Noise Therapy - are soft gentle sounds that take away the annoyance of tinnitus. Our hearing devices feature a tinnitus noiser function that generates additional sound in the form of a soft therapy signal. This effectively distracts you, helping you to relax and enjoy life. Our hearing devices offer five different types of signal so that we can help you choose the most comfortable solution for you.

Modulated Noise Therapy - Signia ocean wave tinnitus therapy covers up the disturbing tinnitus sounds with individually tuned therapy signals which divert attention away from the tinnitus and thereby reduce its impact. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on what you want to hear.In cases of tinnitus associated with stress, some patients have found better results with the more organic Ocean Wave signals than static noise. In general, however, research has not shown one type of sound to be more effective than the other.

Notch Therapy
- Signia hearing aids are the only ones with in-built Notch Therapy, which is proven to reduce the annoyance of tonal tinnitus.Tonal tinnitus, which includes all types of pure-tone like whistling, ringing or humming, is the most common form of tinnitus. Unlike traditional sound therapy which introduces another acoustic stimulus to the patient, Notch Therapy is inaudible and works in the background to relieve the annoyance of tinnitus. By simply wearing the hearing aids with Notch Therapy activated throughout the day, patients have experienced relief from tinnitus in as few as three weeks. Notch Therapy is customized to the patient by locating the frequency of the patient’s tonal tinnitus frequency. 

    Current research conducted into tinnitus has determined treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provides effective relief and benefits to users.