Bernafon RC-A remote control

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Remote Control - RCA
By Bernafon

This remote control makes for smooth and discreet hearing device operation. It is lightweight, with excellent tactility and low power consumption. It is also easy to set up and pair.

The RC-A remote control is used to discreetly adjust Bernafon hearing devices wirelessly, without anyone knowing. Lightweight and concealable, the RC-A remote control has three large buttons which can be easily found and pressed to conveniently change hearing device settings.

Take control of your hearing device's volume settings and program control, or effortlessly activate a Bernafon TV-Adapter in one simple press with this small, hand-held wireless device.

The RC-A is compatible with Viron, Leox and Zerena models.


Instructions for use

Video: How to pair the RC A

Video: How to unpair the RC A